Ou bien… ou bien…


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Ou bien ou bien ... is an online interactive grammar system aimed at students from near beginners to intermediate level.

The core of the exercises is the complex system of morphology in French, e. g. different verb forms, endings on adjectives, and the forms of important pronouns, but also other challenges in French grammar like the difference between the prepositions á and a as a form of avoir. And when do you use qui and not que?

As experienced language teachers, we have discovered that this is an effective path to a deeper knowledge and understanding of German grammar. Each chapter starts with a short introduction in French, which focuses on the major difficulties and points to be observed for that particular field of grammar.

The exercises are made so that you can check how many correct answers you have. You can correct your answers until you get them all correct; in which case you will be awarded a star. If you have purchased a license as part of a group, your teacher can see your answers and follow your progress.

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